Sunday Motivation – Using the LOA

Can using the LOA (Law of Attraction) help me reach my goal?

This past week I was blog hopping to make comments and came across a site by Susette Pereira where she shared two videos with Carole Dore and How to Create Money Fast.  I immediately recognized it as the Law of Attraction (LOA).

There has been much hype and confusion as well as belief and non belief in the Law of Attraction.  The problem is, most people do not understand that the Law of Attraction is actually the effect–like attracts like, energy attracts energy.  The cause is actually the Law of Belief–which is made up of your unconscious assumptions of truths.  It is the Law of Belief that activates the Law of attraction and is where the real power is.

Colin Hiles explains all this in a YouTube video called the Law of Attraction Sucks.  He did a follow up video that I want to share now, because it will help you achieve your goal using the LOA correctly…

You can now see the power of focus to reaching your goal.  Colin Hiles has two other videos that talk about setting goals.  For the sake of your time I will not include the actual videos here but you can go to YouTube and see them.  I feel a summary is worth putting here, since it all relates to reaching your goal…

How to Set Goals and Stay Motivated to Achieve Them (Part 1)

Your brain has two sides–the left side is all about your conscious mind related to logic and reasoning and the right side is about your subconscious mind related to your feelings and beliefs.  Here’s the 1-3-5-7 formula for setting goals from Colin Hiles…

  • Set 1 goal to engage your left brain.  Include what do you want and when do you want it. You can also use the familiar SMART formula here (specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and time bound).
  • List 3 WHYS you want to achieve the goal to engage your right brain.  You probably have heard that attaining a goal is only 20% how and it’s 80% why!  The 3 WHYS should include…how would I benefit, how would we (my family and I) benefit and how would the world benefit (by how I serve it).
  • List 5 key actions/activities that will be necessary to achieve this goal.
  • Plan 7 weeks of specific, sacred time that you will take action.  By following your goal in blocks of 7 weeks it will give your momentum to see you through until you reach it!

Setting Goals and Subconscious Mind Control (Part 2)

In order to achieve your goals, follow The Golden Rule by using the 3P Strategies.  What is the Golden Rule of setting goals?  Simply: Feel what you want!  How to do that, follow these 3P Strategies…

  1. Positive Words & Present Tense – Don’t state your goal in the negative…instead of I don’t want to be broke any more say I want a million dollars in my bank.  Use the present tense as the subconscious mind only operates in the now, so avoid I will and rather use I am or I have.  Instead of I will be rich say I am growing rich!
  2. Positive Pictures – This is about subconscious alignment.  When you say I am growing rich your subconscious mind might say Yeah right, in your dreams.  To overcome this get your vision board done with positive pictures to give to the subconscious mind!
  3. People – You need support and accountability to check what you are doing. We will always move away from what pains us and go toward what is pleasurable.  So your whys should be strong enough for you to take action, because if you do not take action to achieve your goal it will be more painful.

Some Final Thoughts and What to do now?

  1. Set your goal!  Let’s say you want to make $5,000 by the end of the year.  Over the next 100 days that would be $50 per day.  You could sell 1 item at $50 per day. You could sell 2 items at $25 each.  You could sell 5 monthly memberships at $10 each–now that might be a fantastic idea!  Be sure to use all the guidelines above.  Be clear on your intentions!
  2. We get 60,000 thoughts per day.  The Law of Attraction pays out depending on where we put our energy so take small, committed, positive actions and constantly evaluate the results to make changes as necessary.
  3. Join the 100 Day Challenge here to have support and motivation to help you through to reach your goal over the next 100 days!
  4. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think and be sure to sign up to our list here so you never miss a posting!


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8 Responses to Sunday Motivation – Using the LOA

  1. Hello Barb,

    Great article and one of my favorite subjects. One of simple truths in life. The Law of Attraction is a double edged sword. It constantly works regardless of the results people get because of the way of thinking as described in the video.

    Thank you for the reminder as I have lost part of this belief system and forgot about it.
    Carlos Cortez would like you to read…How To Register Your Domain NameMy Profile

    • barbschallenge says:

      Right you are Carlos…it constantly works so we might as well use it to our advantage! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Great video on how to register a domain…you are a natural for video!

  2. Hello Barbara

    This is an area I have been reading up on because it is an area I really struggle with and often fail to fully implement. Until you truly believe you can you never will. Positive thoughts leads to positive actions which introduce positive opportunities and results into our lives.

    igor Griffiths would like you to read…We’re Boring so They Don’t Have to BeMy Profile

    • barbschallenge says:

      Hello Igor… you are not alone, a lot of people have the same struggle. I agree with your statement…until you truly believe you can you never will. If you have some fear that is stopping you from believing you can do something, it is most likely a limiting belief in your subconscious that comes from the way you were brought up, what your parents and teachers taught you, etc. Once the limiting belief has been discovered it can be cleared. You touched on this in your recent post, “We’re Boring so They Don’t Have to Be”. Great post by the way! Your statement about positive thoughts is very true…and works even better when any limiting belief related to the positive thought has been removed!

  3. Duane Reeve says:

    Somewhere in my garage I have a DVD copy of “The Secret”, which I think I need to find and watch again. This was a best seller a few years ago covering this topic. When I got it as a gift (also years ago), I thought it was all ‘BS’, so I fast-forwarded through it, just so I could tell the ‘gift giver’ I’d watched it.

    Like Igor above, this is something I still struggle with, but it’s a continual work in progress and maybe watching this DVD and making notes about what you have shared will help me progress. Needless to say watching and making notes needs to be followed with implementation…
    Duane Reeve would like you to read…Why Affiliate Marketers use Cloaked LinksMy Profile

    • barbschallenge says:

      Hi Duane, I loved the movie “The Secret”, but like so many others tried doing what the movie said and did not get the results I expected. After going through some coaching offered by Dr Joe Vitale, called Miracles Coaching, I had a wonderful coach who helped me clear lots of limiting beliefs that I had. A Hawaiian healing process called Ho’oponopono helped me a lot. You can check out some information on Ho’oponopono at Pure Healing Place.

  4. Keiran says:

    Hey Barb

    Some great guidance here, broken down into actionable chunks so we can actually do something with it.

    We really need to be careful where we focus our attention, because it always seems to be much easier to focus it somewhere unhelpful. This is why we need to concentrate on these things and develop a habit of doing it.

    All the best

    Keiran would like you to read…My First $1,000 Day OnlineMy Profile

    • barbschallenge says:

      Thanks for stopping by Keiran! You are right on focus…and you must be doing it right… congratulations on your first $1,000 Day online!

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