Sunday Football Motivation

It’s that time of year again that we get our fill of Football Motivation!

Saturday night my husband and I were driving home after a wonderful visit with his mother to celebrate her 98th birthday!  She is simply amazing at 98!  She attributes her longevity to taking daily walks.  If you want to see the family photos, send me a Facebook friend request.

gatorsSorry for the diversion, getting back on course here, my husband and I stopped at a Miller’s Ale House to catch a bite to eat.  The place was mobbed!  There’s TV screens all over the place with every football game currently being played.  I noticed one screen had a base ball game and off to the far corner there was some boxing going on.  Hmmm, there were no U.S. Open Tennis matches on screen, which would have been my choice!  Anyhow, after the Florida Gators won the game 61-13 over New Mexico State, the place emptied out and the next group started piling in for the later games!

Florida StateAs an aside here, my husband is not a Gator’s fan- we support UCF and Florida State since our niece, nephew and own kids went to these colleges! My sister eats, drinks and sleeps Florida State and shared her joy for the blow out game by posting this on her Facebook: Woohoooooooooooo!!!!!

Why do I bring up all this football stuff? Simply because football motivates! It excites people! It captivates us; we plan our lives around it! Now these are not just spur of the moment games…there’s a lot of planning going on.  In order for the players to motivate and excite us, they have to train and work hard and get inspired by their coach.  Have a listen to this coach…

Whether we have a team of players in our business or if we are just an individual, we still need to train, learn new things and get work done to succeed.  Getting a personal coach or joining a group coaching program is an excellent way to get motivation and accountability for our business.

Seize the moment and grow your business!  Please share a comment below on what motivates you to get the job done and don’t forget to join our list to receive updates of Sunday Motivation as well as tips, tools and helpful information for growing your online business!

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9 Responses to Sunday Football Motivation

  1. Susette says:

    Hello, Barbara
    I don’t like football – but I can understand your sentiments exactly. We do have to live, breathe and immerse ourselves in our passion in order to stay motivated, excited and willing to tackle any challenge – and so grow our business!

    Will check out your next week’s motivational post.
    Have fun!
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    • barbschallenge says:

      You deserve a gold star for stopping by even though you don’t like football Sue! You are a prime example of someone who stays motivated…it comes across in all your blog posts and replies you make to comments received. (I’ve been following your WMN posts!) Thanks again for your comments…really appreciate them and wish you continued success!

  2. Col Cooper says:

    Hey Barb,

    If Footy is what inspires you, then keep on keeping on! I used to play a little many years ago (AFL not US league). I was also part of my favorite teams cheer squad for a while too. Nothing like the awesome atmosphere of 60-80 thousand raving fans. That all seems so long ago now. Thanks for the trip down memory lane 🙂
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    • barbschallenge says:

      Hey Col…glad you enjoyed the trip down memory lane! You were busy then just as you are now! Enjoyed your recent blog on the Big Move. You have accomplished so much and I wish you continued success!

  3. Duane Reeve says:

    Football as you call it isn’t a thing in S.Africa; here we have Rugby, but the point of your post to encourage people to get a Coach (or group coaching) is brilliant. I’ve also found that I get more done and achieve more since joining ‘group coaching’. I have a mentor, but its the group coaching that motivates me more…
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    • barbschallenge says:

      Thanks for stopping by Duane. I think you are absolutely right…if you can get into an active group coaching where people comment and share ideas, it can be very motivating. I find the Quick Start Challenge group very helpful. I’m learning lots of good stuff from reading other blogs and sharing comments in the group. As a matter of fact, I got several helpful tips from your blog on running a successful blog and wearing many hats!

  4. Art Avington says:

    Hi Barb,

    Excellent Sunday motivation article and video. I’m a HUGE football fan, so you had my full undivided attention…great strategy! But I must say Go BUCKEYE’s, I’m a big Ohio State fan. And as far as motivation for your business I agree a personal coach and/or group coaching program is a MUST! Especially for the accountability factor.
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    • barbschallenge says:

      Thanks for your comments Art! Only thing I know about Ohio State is the band…I think I remember seeing them march at half time and spell out Ohio. Do they still do that? So I see I got some traffic because I mentioned football…will head over to your article on Traffic to see what else I can do!

  5. Desana says:

    Hi Barbara,
    I’m not very much into football, but love your last paragraphs!! It’s very true and will stick up to every word in there.
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