Sunday Motivation – Solving Problems

Success in life is all about solving problems!

Solving Problems

Did you ever attempt to solve one of these cube puzzles? It’s sort of like our life… Every day we encounter problems, puzzles, situations and more that we do not have an answer for… at the moment!

The truth is, all problems can be overcome.  It is important to solve your problems when they arise. Certainly don’t make them bigger than they really are or allow a problem to become an excuse for not doing something or accomplishing your goal.

Take a look at this short video by John Von Achen that addresses solving problems…

OK, let’s summarize the steps in solving problems…

  1. Evaluate – clearly identify the real problem
  2. Search – look for multiple solutions
  3. Choose – choose the solution that you feel will best solve the problem
  4. Move – Take immediate action

Here’s a great graphic from Wikimedia Commons showing the steps in solving problems:

Problem Solving Cycle







What if the problem persists?  Realize that there is a solution! Do not focus on the problem… rather stay focused on solutions!  Think outside of the box… the answer may not always be obvious!  Don’t quit!  Remember, there is a solution to all problems!

Your challenge for the week is to quickly solve your problems.  If you need help follow the steps above and give the exercise below a try as a unique way (outside of the box, creative way!) to find a solution as explained by Carrie Green

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Don’t forget to leave a comment below, especially if you have some out of the box ideas for solving problems!


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3 Responses to Sunday Motivation – Solving Problems

  1. Roy Miller says:

    Barbara, this is a very helpful post. The graphic, as well as the videos are great ways to start a problem solving solution. Well done!
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  2. dwi says:

    Very enlightening Barb. I couldn’t agree more. When we focus on the problem and try to resist it, it will only keep persisting. So the best way is to focus on the solution and look inside ourselves to figure out what we can do at that moment to shift the situation.

  3. Duane Reeve says:

    I think problem solving should be taught in schools. It’s a real world challenge that so many people run away from. With the Internet being so widely accessible, there are so many options available to research solutions to problems. There is a 99% probability that someone somewhere has faced your ‘challenge’ before and posted it online.
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